International Research Center for Robot and Additive Manufacturing 4.0

International Research Center for Robot and Additive Manufacturing 4.0

Camozzi Automation is the leading company of an advanced automation project that won the Lombardy Region "Open innovation" program, an initiative developed by ASSE PRIORITARIO I – RAFFORZARE LA RICERCA, LO SVILUPPO E L’INNOVAZIONE (Priority Axis I - Strengthening Research, Development and Innovation).



  • to develop innovative product solutions in the field of ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING and HEAVY ROBOTICS for the processing of advanced materials for large parts. The introduction of automation solutions in these sectors makes it possible to improve the level of safety, giving the possibility of delegating the most dangerous tasks to robots and automated systems, interconnected in the network and programmable remotely.
  • to carry out specific analysis, aimed at reducing noise in machine tools to be obtained with the introduction of innovative vibration damping solutions by applying ANT (Active Noise Control) and AVC (Active Vibration Control) techniques, to define appropriate interventions to be made to the machine structure and '' identification of the critical monitoring points.


  • Creation
    of a new approach of mechanical design that uses the technology introduced by AM for the production of parts that cannot be made with traditional processes. This approach, and the related techniques, will be developed thanks to the creation of a training and experimentation centre at the Kilometro Rosso campus equipped with an SLM (Selective Laser Melting) machine and open and configurable parameters. Finally, the new methodologies will lead to the creation of innovative products both in terms of production process and materials;
  • Development
    of AM machines equipped with artificial intelligence and a tolerance measurement system that allows you to process a real-time control of the printing process, of the dimensional and mechanical properties of the products obtained;
  • Realization
    of a cluster of robots in a 4.0 perspective for the manipulation of large objects;

  • Studies
    for the creation of new materials for AM, such as metallic, polymeric and composite materials, to be used and tested in the solutions identified;

  • Analysis
    of new methodologies to be applied to large structures starting from thermoelasticity techniques, which will allow acquiring images from which it will be possible to obtain information on the dimensional and mechanical characteristics of the finished product.

IRCRAM 4.0 and Camozzi Automation

The automated production of components through 3D printing is a disruptive element for increasing productivity, reducing waste, improving weary working conditions and reducing the risk for operators. The project involves the design in Additive Manufacturing of large structures and the development of algorithms for the optimization in terms of precision and efficiency of the printing process in real-time.

The activities will take place at the Camozzi Research Center for Robotics and 3D Printing in Milan, where Masterprint, the largest 3D printer in the world, will be installed.

    Mechatronic Application Research Center
    Mechatronic Application Research Center

    Research and development are strategic and identifying assets for the Group.

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    The Management System of the Camozzi Group

    This approach is summarised by the integration of CIS (Camozzi Innovation System) and CMS (Camozzi Manufacturing System) production process management systems.

    IRCRAM 4.0
    IRCRAM 4.0

    International Research Center for Robot and Additive Manufacturing 4.0

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    Working from a "Total Quality" perspective also means being able to demonstrate one’s commitment through the  achievement of international certifications.

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