Industrial Automation, Life Science

Direct Acting Solenoid Valves | Series KL - KLE

Mini dimensions. Maximum performance.

Mini dimensions. Maximum performance.

The latest Series KL and KLE miniaturized 10mm solenoid valves have been designed for industrial applications and medical devices that require high flow rates and pressures within compact dimensions.

  • Its compact design, reduced weight, and low energy consumption make the KL version ideal for applications within confined spaces and limited power supply, such as portable oxygen concentrators or emergency lung ventilators.
  • For applications that demand more robust performance levels, the KLE version has been designed to control higher pressures and flow rates than traditional solenoid valves.

The body size and overall dimensions of both versions have been designed to allow easy integration with manifold systems or subbases and to be quickly installed on devices and machines.

Series KL and KLE are available in different models to satisfy any application across all the main sectors of industrial automation and life science.


  • Motion Control
  • Fluid Control


  • Industrial Automation
  • Life Science


  • Reduced installation times
  • Easy and flexible to install in the system
  • Energy efficient
  • Enhanced machine performance and productivity
  • High reliability
  • Components compliant with medical devices
  • Compact design and reduced weight for portable devices

Watch the Series KL | KLE technical video presentation: