Handling and Vacuum

Reliability and flexibility in a compact design

Reliability and flexibility in a compact design

Modern industrial processes in which an ever-increasing amount of automation is required, handling is of essential importance to increase the productivity and performance of machinery.

Grippers, tool changer and vacuum components are available in a range of different versions and sizes and are made to meet market demands in terms of miniaturisation, reliability, flexibility and adaptability.

The wide range of handling solutions will provide the best solution for every application sector, from material handling and assembly to robotics and machine tool loading and unloading up to the most complex mechatronic solutions required by Industry 4.0.

  • GRIPPERS: All grippers are optimised in terms of weight and dimensions, to facilitate the connection to different handling systems, from gantry to anthropomorphic and collaborative robots.

  • SPECIAL PURPOSE GRIPPERS: In addition to offering standard components, Camozzi partners with its clients to analyse their needs, develop and then deliver specialist grippers or custom handling systems suitable to meet the specific needs of any automation process.

  • TOOL CHANGER: The Tool Changer is the ideal solution for industrial applications that require an efficient and reliable device for a fast and secure changeover of tools (gripping or working systems).

  • VACUUM COMPONENTS: Camozzi's range of vacuum components allows the creation of complete solutions for handling, both of single objects – typically for the electronics and assembly industries – and of large workpieces, such as wooden panels or metal sheets.

  • ACTUATORS: Cylinders with a double piston, able to provide high torques while ensuring high stability and a precise rotary movement.


Packaging | Food & beverage | Plastics & rubber | Life science | Automotive | Electronic systems | Material handling | Assembly & robotics | Machine tools


Conceived for any application

Machine Tending | Pick & Place | Pick & Hold | Feeding | Sorting | Transferring | Palletising | Testing and Quality Control

The experience of Camozzi's technicians allows it to act as a partner of its customers, from the analysis of their needs, to the development and delivery of the product or complete handling system. This allows to create and provide customised solutions to meet the needs of any automation process.