Series 7000 - Automation

Made of reinforced technopolymer to meet the new market demands for reliability, ease of use and efficient solutions ▶︎ Ideal for most pneumatic applications associated with optimum gripping and sealing technologies.

Camozzi Series 7000 Automation Gripfit - Straight fittingCamozzi Series 7000 Automation Gripfit - Tee fittingCamozzi Series 7000 Automation Gripfit - Elbow fitting


  • Body: Technopolymer (PA66) | Nickel-plated brass
  • Button: Technopolymer (PA66)
  • Gripping ring: Stainless steel (AISI 301)
  • Seal: NBR
  • Threads: Nickel-plated brass


  • Packaging equipment
  • Textile machinery
  • Vacuum devices

Packaging equipment Textile machinery Vacuum devices


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Industrial Automation


The GRIPfit is a new generation of push-in fittings made with high-performance materials and equipped with a flexible stainless steel gripping ring to facilitate the connection and disconnection of most semi-rigid tubes, limiting the effects of tube marking and guaranteeing a robust and reliable tightening on the whole surface of the tube.

GRIPfits are ideal for vacuum and low pressures both in static and dynamic applications, thanks to the new shaped sealing technology.


Easy to connect and disconnect | Optimum sealing | Long life cycleHigh flow capacityLimited marking on tubing | PA11 BODY Bio-sourced and realiable


These new push-in fittings have been developed to cover and satisfy the needs of various market applications.

The materials used comply with the main standards and directives and have been designed to meet and adapt perfectly to the specific application requirements of each sector.