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Proportional Pressure Regulator | Series PME

Compact, light and without compromise

Compact, light and without compromise

The Series PME proportional pressure regulator is the ideal solution for industrial applications that require accurate pressure control.

This new pressure regulator offers a high performance, despite having its weight and dimensions reduced to a minimum to allow greater flexibility in its use.

Series PME is available in two sizes and versions. One version has an integrated exhaust valve that allows the system to discharge even in the absence of power. The second is a manifold version, ideal for controlling several outlets with only a single inlet.

A new CANopen serial version is also available. Ideal for controlling multiple controllers on a single fieldbus and for applications that need to operate within a wide supply voltage range (12÷24 V DC).

Each has been designed to meet a wide range of applications and to guarantee reliable and precise control across the entire system.


  • Manifold version
  • CANopen version
  • Integrated exhaust valve version
  • Modular with Series MD
  • Compact and essential 
  • Configuration App that uses NFC technology
  • Compatible with Oxygen