Disegni 2D/3D



General anesthesia is a pharmacologically induced, temporary and reversible coma state, which consists of muscle relaxation. These are obtained by administering to the patient some drugs. The aim of anesthesia is to temporarily induce the total loss of consciousness, with the suppression of all kinds of sensitivities; its major applications concern surgery. The right dosing and mixing gasses depends on the precision. The doctor need high precision to  control the patient’s respiratory rate . The requested flow is very high at a very low pressure.

Regulation of air pressure

  • Series N flter
  • Series TC pressure microregulators

Regulation of air flow

  • Series AP directly operated proportional valves


 Air  range

Solenoid valves

Mixing of oxygen-air

  • Series K directly operated solenoid valves 
  • Series P directly operated solenoid valves

Regulation of oxygen pressure

  • Series TC pressure microregulator 
  • Series N filter

Regulation of oxygen flow

  • Series CP directly operated and pressure compensated proportional solenoid valves


Oxygen  range

Automatic valve

Safety valve

  • Series VMR 1/8-B10


 Air  - Oxygen  range

Multifunctional manifold

Integrated systems for the mixing of air-oxygen-anesthetic

  • Special blocks
  • Open Frame Controller