Angiographic Injector

Angiography is a radiological examination that allows the examination of blood vessels through the intravenous injection of a contrast medium; a substance that appears opaque in radiography. It is delivered to the organ to be studied through a catheter.

The purpose of the examination is to study the course of blood vessels and identify any alterations such as restrictions or occlusions. (for example in the coronary arteries of the heart with coronary angiography or in the limbs with peripheral angiography).

Automatic CO2 injection of the contrast medium enables interventional diagnostics for peripheral angiography.


FUNCTION: Control, management and dosing of CO2


  • Series A direct acting solenoid valves for fluid control 
  • Series AP direct acting proportional valves for flow regulator 
  • Series PL direct acting solenoid valves are available in the normally closed, normally open and universal versions. They can be mounted on single sub-bases or manifolds.
  • Series P direct acting solenoid valves are available as 3/2-way, either NC or NO version. 
  • OX1 fittings and accessories for applications of medical gases

Serie A

Angiographic Injector