For neonatal incubators, an instrument to maintain optimal environmental conditions for a newborn baby, Camozzi offers solenoid valves and regulators for mixing gas and adjusting the pressure and flow of air and oxygen.

APPLICATION FUNCTION: Mixing of oxygen-air.


  • Series K8-K8X direct acting solenoid valves can be used in applications where very compact solutions are required as well as high performances.
  • Series PL direct acting solenoid valves are available in the normally closed, normally open and universal versions. They can be mounted on single sub-bases or manifolds.
  • Series PD direct acting solenoid valves are available in the 2/2-way normally closed (NC) version.

APPLICATION FUNCTION: Air-oxygen treatment.


  • Series N filter-regulators are available with G1/8 and G1/4 ports.
  • Series TC pressure microregulators have been designed to be used for all applications and equipment where it is needed to insert the single component in customized integrated circuits or collectors to manage the regulation of medical gases ad oxygen.

APPLICATION FUNCTION: Regulation of outgoing oxygen flow.


  • Series AP direct acting proportional valves
  • Series CP direct acting and pressure compensated proportional solenoid valves

APPLICATION FUNCTION: Integrated solution specific for the mixing of air - oxygen.