Oxygen concentrators

Air is a mixture of oxygen and nitrogen, and an oxygen concentrator separates these two gases and increases the proportion of oxygen from about 21% to about 90%. Atmospheric air is trapped by the concentrator and filtered.

APPLICATION FUNCTION: Regulation of oxygen outlet pressure.


  • Series TC pressure microregulators have been designed to be used for all applications and equipment where it is needed to insert the single component in customised integrated circuits or collectors to manage and adjust medical gases ad oxygen.
  • Series M pressure microregulators are available with G1/8 and G1/4 ports and are suitable to adjust medical gases ad oxygen. 

APPLICATION FUNCTION: Control of compressed air supply to the separators


  • Series 8 pneumatic operated cartridge valves are particularly suitable for applications requiring high flow combined with a compact design.
  • Series P directly operated solenoid valves are available as 3/2-way, either NC or NO version. 

APPLICATION FUNCTION: Regulation of outgoing oxygen flow


  • Series AP directly operated proportional valves
  • Series CP directly operated and pressure compensated proportional solenoid valves

APPLICATION FUNCTION: Connections and special fittings to be used with oxygen.

PRODUCT: OX1 fittings and accessories for applications of medical gases and oxygen

APPLICATION FUNCTION: Integrated system to introduce air into the system


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Oxygen concentrators