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Open Frame Proportional Controller | Series OF

Industry 4.0 ready

Industry 4.0 ready

The Open Frame Proportional Controller provides closed loop control of flow, pressure, and position. It is designed for Industry 4.0 applications.

The system is composed of two base modules: HEAD and EXPANSION, that individually may be combined following the application needs.


Flow control by using pressure sensors and calibrated orifices

  • The Head module used alone allows the creation of a two-way flow control valve in a closed loop configuration.
  • The use of the Head-Expansion combination allows the creation of a three-way flow control valve with the same performance.

Pressure control with a pressure sensor

  • The Head module used alone allows the creation of two-way closed-loop pressure control.
  • The use of the Head-Expansion combination allows a three-way closed-loop pressure control.

Closed-loop position control for pneumatic cylinders with a position feedback system

  • The use of the Head-Expansion combination allows a closed loop position control.


All base functions may be combined to application solutions and communicate amongst each other via CANopen or IO-Link.


The Open Frame Proportional Controller can be easily configured to meet specific application needs, to provide the most efficient, turnkey solutions, thus reducing assembly times and system complexity.

The different Head and Expansion modules can be combined and driven through simple serial communications, making the control of complex applications easier.

Typical applications could include the mixing of different gases, piloting different pressures in different parts of the machine, or the positioning of a pneumatic cylinder through a single control signal.

  • Anesthesia devices
  • Laser cutting machines
  • Blow moulding machines
  • Drinks dispensers

 Anesthesia Device Laser Cutting Machine Blow Moulding Machine Drink Dispenser


  • Closed loop control of flow, pressure or position
  • Analogue, CANopen or IO-Link interface
  • Modular


  • Customised, turnkey solutions
  • Reduced set-up times 
  • Increase of efficency & productivity

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