Our applications


Applications on the vehicle base frame. No matter if it runs on rails, road or entirely off-road, we offer high performance technologies that provide you with safe braking, optimised traction, cooling and a smooth ride.


The toughest application group on any vehicle. Environments with high temperatures, NVH and extensive cycle times require outstanding performance and robust design. Challenge accepted.


Applications in direct contact with drivers, passengers, operators or simply an integral part of the vehicle. Our components support your safety, comfort and functionality.


Vehicles are not stationary, they move from one place to another. In many cases the mobility is not the primary task of the vehicle. Special purpose units added to many vehicles are demanding and involve complex design processes. Whether you are looking for solutions to pilot your hydraulics, connect your lubrication system, proportionally control air pressures and flows, or simply move steps, handrails or aerodynamic devices with pneumatic or electric actuators, we are your partner.