Special solutions

Customised solutions for your digital journey

Customised solutions for your digital journey

Every day we are developing our offering in products, services, and quality further. The keys to achieve this are strong customer relationships, attention to detail and a total commitment to providing the best solution possible. This approach naturally leads to the understanding that standard sometimes is not enough, and together with our customers we often take the decision to jointly go the extra mile.

Camozzi Automation offers its customers a broad range of customised solutions which reduce assembly time, the number of parts or integrate multiple functions into a new and customer-specific component.

We create added value by combining mechanical and digital technologies, and we routinely bridge the gap that differentiates ‘the good’ from ‘the best’. This philosophy has always been an integral part of our business approach, and the experience gained over the years is a solid foundation for supporting our partners all the way from idea to implementation.

The last ten years, Camozzi Automation has invested significantly in digitalisation. And our growing development team is dedicated to ensuring that the company remains at the forefront of technology.

Today, most of our new products and solutions for the industrial automation sector have been developed with a clear focus on digital innovation and energy efficiency.

They include technologies such as IoT, Industry 4.0 and predictive maintenance solutions that all help to increase our customers' productivity and success. Our digital know-how in the 'immobile sector' has made it easier for us to accommodate projects and product developments for the rapidly evolving digital journey of the transportation sector.

If you are looking for a valve block, electric drive or proportional regulator that connects and communicates via a digital BUS with your vehicle's body computer or other devices, we are ready to develop the right product for you. From autonomous driving and operation to new propulsion systems, over data mining & cloud services to precision farming, we look forward to supporting your journey and taking you further.